sábado, marzo 18, 2006

programa 38/29 de diciembre de 2005

Algunos cambios en el equipo de Estrella del Mar,
unos sale y otros entran

El programa 44 esta listo pero no salió al aire este jueves,
subimos este otro del pasado, así que hasta la próxima
semana el nuevo.

Crazy Chilote

A documentary about Li Yang, who teaches basic English to crowds of thousands in China using his unconventional pop-culture driven methods. Directed by Zhang Yuan (Beijing Bastards, East Palace West Palace, I Love You, Green Tea). Crazy English! by Chinese independent filmmaker Zhang Yuan, is an unforgettable portrait of the motivational speaker Li Yang, whose enormously popular stadium events are patriotic pep rallies devoted to English-language instruction, or rather the mass chanting of key American phrases ("I made it!" "No problem!" "Sure!"). To an outsider, the spectacle has intimations of the post–World War II Melanesian cargo cults. But Li is not only a parody American go-getter, he seems to have telescoped the last century of Chinese history, harnessing his own sense of cultural inferiority to invent a mock Maoist revolution predicated on the power of positive thinking.


BOREDOMS DEL DISCO SOUL DISCHARGE – Your name is limitless – Bubblebop shot

download: Crazy Chilote

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